I am a native New Yorker with a healthy obsession with cycling, tech, writing, drawing, photography and design.


I ride the streets of NYC. I will write about my experience navigating the streets of this great city while highlighting the sights, noises, smells and tastes.


I love to write and I consider myself a writer, because… well, I write. I will share experiences in the craft of writing.


Since I was a small child, my favorite weapon of choice has been a pencil. That hasn’t changed much, except my drawing has become digital. I often hate my drawings and very few times, I like them. The struggle of the artist!


I love photography. There something special about freezing a moment and telling a story with it. I’ll share some photos on this blog.


I love gadgets. Something about the science of devices and how they function and enhance our lives gives me joy (and sometimes heartache).