It has been almost a year since we have been tied to our homes due to COVID-19. Our infections are still high, people keep dying and some fools refuse to wear masks.

I have kept in touch with friends and family during this past year and realized how difficult these last few months have been for most people. Though mentally, the pandemic has caused a level of stress that is foreign to us, the physical aspect has been surprising.

During one of my conversations with a friend from London, she mentioned that she has been having a difficult time staying motivated to work out during these difficult times. She even mentioned the words “quarantine weight gain”. After our conversation, I started asking around and this has become a thing for many people.

I struggled in the earlier part of COVID-19 with fitness. I was tied to my desk for work and I hesitated going out because I feared getting infected in a place where the population is high. After a few weeks, I did some research and found that cycling on my own is not dangerous at all.

Over the last 10 months, cycling has been a huge motivator and stress reliever. I met my goal of cycling 3,000 miles and I haven’t felt any stress or worries during this time. My fitness program has kept the weight off and though I’m no skinny cyclist (nor want to be one), I am fit, muscular, and have curves in all the right places. 🙂

Since I ride all year long, I rarely worry about fitness. However, there is one event that keeps my bike parked at home. Snow!

The month of February brought 18 inches of snow which is the largest snowfall in NYC that I can remember. A few days later, we got 6 more inches. This morning, we got 1 inch. All that to say, I haven’t touched my bike in almost 3 weeks.

Three weeks at home makes a person like me… cranky and undisciplined. So I started snacking, sitting most of the time, and watching way too much TV. This is dangerous!

So for the next few days, I’m going to try to work out at home using Apple Fitness to see if this changes things. I have never been a “workout at home” type of person, but I’ll give this a try and report any findings.

Can’t wait until Spring to start cycling again.