At 6:00am this morning my Apple Watch alarm goes off. I find enough strength to get out of bed, put my watch on and prepare for my morning ride.

After brushing my teeth, I head to the kitchen for some coffee. I add 20 grams of coffee beans to my digital scale and set my kettle to 198 degrees. I add a filter to my Stagg pour over set and prepare a great cup of coffee. The first taste is always the best.

I know that multitasking is a myth, but I do it anyway. I drink my coffee, while I put my cycling gear on. I spill a bit of coffee on my cycling shoes. A quick wipe does the job and I proceed to prepare the bike for the ride.

I grab my air pump and add a few PSI of air to both tires. 95 PSI is enough for tubeless tires. Next, I place my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt on the front mount of my bike stem. Almost done.

Last but not least I prepare 2 full water bottles with Nuun hydration tablets for the ride. It’s a hot one today and with 87% humidity, it’s going to take all the water to keep me cool.

At 6:43am I’m out the door.

I have to be back by 8:30am for work, so I decide to ride to Central Park and back via the Queensboro bridge. 5 miles in, while climbing the bridge, I start to feel the humidity. I take a few sips of my water and keep pushing hard. I set a personal record on the bridge.

I continue riding to Central Park as I prepare my mind and my muscles for the loop.

It’s still early enough that there aren’t many cyclists or runners on the park. This allows me to focus on my workout and not have to worry about any interruptions along the road.

Once I start getting close to the famous Harlem Hill, my bike computer reminds me that a segment is coming up. I challenge myself to beat my previous record: 1:14. Why not?

As I approach the hill with good speed, I use that momentum towards the climb. I start to notice my pedaling getting harder and tighter. I change gears. I keep pushing, and after a few seconds, I get off my seat and on the bars.

I’m starting to feel the humidity as sweat covers my brow. My breathing is picking up and I change gears once again while getting back on the saddle.

I find a gear I’m comfortable in, and start to find a cadence that feels good while providing stable speed.

I’m almost over the hill and I take a peek at my bike computer. I realize that I may beat my segment PR (personal record) today. I push hard to make sure I do, and when done, I get a congratulations message! I have a new PR. Whoop!

I use the downhill to catch my breath and to enjoy the accomplishment. I’m still not done with the park, so I find enough strength to keep pedaling and making my way towards the finish line.

When done, I use the same exit I came into the park and head back towards the Queensboro bridge.

Once on the bridge, I approach another segment and a challenge came up. This time I got a different result as there was construction on the bridge. A city pickup truck blocked the path and cyclists and pedestrians had to take turns passing. Ugh!

Once I cleared the bridge, I made my way back home via the Queens Boulevard bike lane and made it back by 8:10am.

When I got home, I was drenched in sweat. I finished off my last water bottle and took a quick shower. When done, I logged in and prepared for the workday ahead.

I worked out this early today to avoid the afternoon/evening heat. For the last week we have been dealing with a heat wave with temperatures in the high 90s. Riding in that type of heat is never fun, but I got it done!