Most of my bike rides have taken place in New York City. I live in Queens and I normally ride to Manhattan and the neighboring boroughs. It’s a workout that provides the mileage and workout I enjoy.

There are times when I feel more adventurous, put my bike in the trunk of my car, and take a drive somewhere to ride outside of the city. I usually do this twice a year when I take part in two of Bike New York’s greatest tours:

Discover Hudson Ride: Starts in Poughkeepsie and rides north to Elizaville. The century ride features more than 5,500 feet of climbing with great visuals of greenery and the beautiful Walkway Over the Hudson bridge. This ride takes place at the end of June, but due to COVID this year, it has been postponed.

Twin Lights Ride: Starts in Highlands, New Jersey and rides south through scenic Sandy Hook, along the Jersey Shore through Sea Bright, and wrapping around the Turkey Swamp Wildlife Area near Freehold. The sights of the beach, farms, and roads are stunning. This ride takes place in September.

I participate in both these bike tours every year and they’re worth the drive it takes to get there.

Outside of these yearly rides, I often drive up by myself somewhere outside of NYC and find a nice bike road to explore.

This last weekend, I took a drive to Tarrytown and cycled North to York Town. It’s a ride that gives me an average of 30 miles of greenery, chipmunks (lots of them), and the occasional bridge here and there.

Riding outside of the city gives me a more relaxed ride as I don’t have to worry much about the dangers of vehicles and lets me enjoy the scenery that is a departure from what I’m used to.

This ride in particular felt great especially as the trees throughout the cycling trail provided shade from the hot sun. There are also lots of animals you can spot while riding. Unfortunately, I accidentally ran over a chipmunk with my bike. I felt terrible, but the little fella just ran into my wheels.

I enjoy cycling because it’s good for my health and lets me explore my world through 2 wheels. It provides adventures and interesting sights throughout the year. Exploration inside the city and outside the city keeps things fresh and exciting.

I have a few more rides outside of New York that I’m considering. One in Philly, another in Connecticut which I am planning for the summer. Looking forward to more exploration.