I remember the first time I held a camera in my hands. I was a young boy and the camera was quite big for my small hands. It didn’t matter to me because all I wanted to do was to take a picture. I remember placing my left eye on the viewfinder and taking a picture of a family member. I never knew how nice (or bad) that photo was. It was film and I don’t remember ever seeing the photo.

From that moment on, I fell in love with photography. there is something special about a story told through a still image.

I have taken thousands of photos since that time.

I have flirted with different types of photography. I started with portraits, moved on to landscape and continue to flirt with street photography. As of late, my latest passion has become macro photography.

Macro photography is when you take images of objects at a very close range. Most often, the subjects are very small insects, flowers, plants, and other objects.

I had purchased a macro lens for my mirrorless camera about 4 years ago. I have used it a dozen or so times, but never consistently as much as I wanted. Now that I find myself home due to the COVID pandemic, I have found a new motivation for macro photography.

For the last 4 weeks I have been taking macro photos almost everyday. Here are a few samples:

The budding tree

There is a tree right outside my home that is starting to bud, and I have been keeping on eye on it. As soon as it started budding, I started taking macro photos of it.

The Slow Snail

It was raining a few days ago and as I walked home, right outside my door was a small snail crawling along. I picked it up by its shell and brought it home. I fed it some lettuce so that he/she can get some reward for playing a model for the day. I love how this pic came out.

Guitar Strings

We have a guitar at home that is collecting dust. I cleaned it up a bit and started taking photos of it. Here I took a photo of the strings as they wrapped around the bridge.


Here I took a walk to the park and took a photo of this flower that budded and produced this beautiful photo. I have no idea what type of flower or what exactly this is, but I love this photo.

A habit is Born

I won’t bore you with every example of every macro photo I have taken. For now, I try to take a photo per day. I don’t post them all, but the ones that I do are the ones that I really love.

Macro photography is an art form that requires patience, positioning, and careful consideration of aperture, shutter speed and light. It’s not just as simple as seeing something and taking a photo. Like all photography, it’s a lot more complex than that.

This pandemic has allowed me to get creative and curious and start taking more photos in fields outside of my comfort zone. I’m up to the challenge and I’m really enjoying learning about macro photography.