Over the last few weeks, life has changed tremendously for us humans. We have all been impacted by the pandemic of COVID-19, an unprecedented virus that threatens the lives of humans around the world.

We have now been asked by our local governments to avoid crowds and human contact as soon as possible. Our offices have been shut down, restaurants are not allowed to be open (they can offer take-out or delivery only) and we are encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

In my lifetime, I have never seen anything like this. I’m not living in fear, and I certainly do not believe the sky is falling, but I am cautious. However, when you go on social media, TV, radio, etc., all you hear is the constant voice of fear which can rattle anyone. This is why I have decided to not watch TV, or even pay attention to social media when it comes to this pandemic.

What are we to do?

The best thing to do is listen carefully to the guidance of our local governments.

I find staying home all-day, everyday, to be a challenge. I do go outdoors, but I do avoid crowds. I normally ride my bike and take walks in places that have low populations and I always keep the suggested 6 feet of distance from others.

However, yesterday, I took the family out for a drive to see if we find a nice park to walk and decided to visit Hunter’s Point park in Long Island City. When we got there, I was shocked. The park was packed!

It seems people are doing what they feel is best for them, while ignoring social distance. I did not get out of my car and join the crowds. Instead, I decided to go to Flushing Meadows Corona Park (no connection to the virus).

Flushing Meadows Corona park is Queen’s largest park. Though there were people in the park, it’s big enough that there were only pockets of people. So my crew of 4, took a nice walk around the park and by the lake while keeping our distance from other small pockets of people.

After a nice walk around the park, we made our way back home and felt good that we got to enjoy some fresh air and some activity.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park & pockets of people

Is this the new normal?

We are only about 2 weeks of dealing with the impact of the virus on this city. The numbers are in the thousands already and we actually have the largest infection in the country. I hope that people start taking this seriously and do their part in containing this virus. Hopefully in a month the numbers start going down.

My biggest fear today is that this will carry on through the summer and we will lose out in enjoying vacations and activities that are only fun when done with large groups of people such as families, friends and communities.

I’m hopeful that we will overcome this pandemic, but I fear it will take some time. We are learning to live a different way and this has reminded me how often we take things for granted.

Lets each do our part to contain this virus and soon enough we will shake hands, hug each other and enjoy our family, friends and tribes like we once did.