It’s officially the month of March and that can only mean one thing:

Winter cycling is officially over!

That’s right, the days of snow, freezing rain and frigid temperatures are behind us. Coming soon are flowers booming, leaves growing on trees and more importantly, nicer weather to ride the bike.

Technically, it’s still winter, as spring officially makes an entrance on March 19. That’s only 10 days away and I can smell the air and know that though the calendar says otherwise, Spring decided to break a few rules and just show up.

Today, March 09 (when I wrote this post), we had a high temperature of 69 degrees in the city. Let’s round that up and say 70 degrees. That, to me, is the perfect weather. It’s not cold, it’s not hot, it’s just right! You can do physical activity and break a sweat, but not be drenched.

So what did I do today to celebrate the nicest day of the year so far?

I got on my bike and pedaled with a nice smile on my face.

I commuted to work on the bike and though it was a somewhat chilly morning (47 degrees), it was sunny and it felt good.

After work, I decided that I was going to take the long way home. I got on my bike and went north on the Hudson River Greenway. I wasn’t the only one that thought today was a day to go and enjoy the weather. There were bikes, skateboards, runners and lots of people everywhere. It felt… alive!

Once I started crossing to the East side, I decided that it was too nice to just go home, so I took a detour to Central Park and figured I can do a loop around the park to enjoy the day.

I made my way around the park and when done, headed East towards the Queensboro bridge. There were lots of bikes on the bridge, a sign that spring is arriving. Once over the bridge, I made my way home and when I arrived, I felt good. I was sweaty, but not hot. I really enjoyed the ride.

Total commute miles:

Morning: 9.02 Miles
Evening: 18.59 Miles

Total Miles: 27.61 Miles.

For a commute, this is pretty good. Let’s do it again tomorrow!