When I sit down to write in front of my iPad, the last thing I want to do is worry about any distractions or obstacles. This is why the iPad is such a perfect writing device. It’s just one big app (IA Writer is my favorite) and your brain speaking through your fingers. However, sometimes the wrong tool can get in the way of writing. For me it had become slim and pretty looking keyboards.

Even though I own a Logitech slim keyboard case for my 9.7 inch iPad Pro, I never loved it. It’s bulky and the typing is OK at best. After some frustrations and lots of reading, I decided to get a mechanical keyboard.

I did lots of research and I decided to go with the Keychron K2 red switch keyboard. Reviews were good and it’s also a very good looking keyboard. When the keyboard came to my home, I paired it via Bluetooth to my iPad Pro and started my journey with a bulky, loud mechanical keyboard.

The sound of music

The first thing you notice is the sound while you type. It’s a bit loud, but not a bad loud. It’s a very zen-like sound that plays at the rhythm of your fingers. I like it.

All the keys have a nice feel to them that produces a lovely sound. The exception is the space bar. It’s a different sound and bit clunky. Not in a “get in your face” type of clunky, but a “I’m out of tune” type of clumsy.

And then there was light

The keyboard also comes in two options:

  1. RGB lights
  2. White Light

I’ve never been one of those fancy lights kind of guy, so I decided to go with the white back light. There are a bunch of ways to change how the lights behave. You can have it on at all times and a whole bunch of other configurations that are more distracting than cool. I decided to set the light so that it only lights up the keys I’m pressing. The simplest option is often the best option.

Size matters

One thing I noticed is how big this keyboard is. Not big in the sense that it takes over a desk or table. Big as… tall. Compared to any keyboard I own, the keyboard sits pretty high. In fact, though I like the keyboard and typing feels good on the fingers, it is not very comfortable on the wrists.

I felt I had to get a wrist guard to rest my wrists as they felt a bit weary after long typing sessions. I haven’t used one of those things in years and it’s a bit disappointing that I have to start using one. I ended up choosing the Keychron K2 Walnut Wood Palm Rest (coincidence they have one to match the keyboard? I think not!) This looks sexy and if I have to use one, I may as well use one that looks and feels good! We’ll see how long this lasts.

The Verdict

I like it! It’s not perfect (what is?), but I like the look, feel and sound of the keyboard. I like that it can be paired with 3 devices, and you can change the keycaps to fit your OS of choice (Mac or Windows). The tall profile is its downside and though my wrists are not yelling at me, there is a bit of discomfort in them. Nothing that wrist rest can’t solve.

For now, count me in as one of those mechanical keyboard fans.