I’ve had an Apple Watch since it launched in 2015. Apple’s first attempt at a smart watch was OK at best and though it wasn’t perfect, it set a path for the future of smart watches.

I eventually upgraded to Generation 3 and a year later to my current version, the 4th generation Apple Watch. The watch itself hasn’t changed much physically. It may have gotten a bit smaller, but there have been significant updates in the technology. The watch is now faster and more powerful.

I’ll talk about the innovations of the Apple Watch in another post. For today, I want to talk about the watch faces. Specifically my favorite watch faces and why they are my go to faces on the device.

The Face is the soul of the body

Apple Watch OS6 brought along with it a bunch of new faces. There are over 30 faces which can be personalized in so many different ways. You can make your watch look the way you want, in the style you want.

I like to keep things simple. I’m not a big fan of the fancy, show me a thousand complications-type of watch face (I’m looking at you Infograph). I just want to see the time and a handful of other information that I depend on.

Let’s Face It

here are the only faces I use in my Apple Watch Series 4:

Infograph Modular

This face is a simple face that gives me a quick look of all the info I need. The time is shown in large white text on the top right of the face. The complications I use are:

  1. Weather: When I wake up and get ready for my cycling commute, I need to know what the weather looks like. This tells me whether or not I should ride my bike to work
  2. Calendar: The largest complication that tells me what’s in my calendar for the day. It only shows me my next appointment or meeting. This way, I’m not wondering what I have to do today.
  3. Workout: A simple icon that quickly allows me to tap and work out. No need to look through settings to get a workout started. Helps greatly when commuting by bike.
  4. Activity: This one is all about those rings. I do my best at trying to close all my rings. This shows me my progress in real life and how much I have left
  5. Things: My task manager of choice. There is a circle around the check mark that shows how many things I have left to finish off my daily tasks.


This face shows me the information I need when I need it. Often that is my next meeting, a timer to setup, a task that need completion soon, or even the live score of my favorite team. This face learns from your habits and gives you information as needed. My complications for this face are simple:

  1. Date: Who doesn’t need to know the date of the day?
  2. Siri icon: A simple tap activates Siri.

Activity Digital

This one is all about my Activity rings. This shows the time on the top right with my rings on the left shown in real time. It also shows my stats of how I’m progressing with my calories, workouts and stand goals. Complications are:

  1. Weather condition: With a simple glance, the icon tells me whether it’s sunny, cloudy, raining, etc.
  2. Workout icon: A simple tap and I can begin a workout.

Solar Graph

I love the look of this simple face. It shows the curve of the sun as it goes from sunrise to sunset. The colors during sunset and sunrise are really well done. Complications:

  1. Date. Simple
  2. Activity stats. Just the numbers of how I’m progressing with my activity rings.


This face gives you the ability to set a photo as its wallpaper with the time and optional date on the face. I have no complications on this face other than the date.


Before the Apple Watch, I owned a chronograph watch. I love the many faces and stopwatch feature of it. This face does the same, but digitally. I use either the white or black face on it. Complication:

  1. Weather conditions icon. Simple glance at how weather is looking.
  2. Chronograph: This is here by default and you can’t change it.
  3. Activity rings: See progress on my activity rings
  4. Things Icon: Opens things app to access my to-do list.


This face grew on me. At first I thought it was weird, but now I like it. The time is shown with the hour and minute hands but it shows the hour in large letters on the top left. You can customize the color and style of the font of the number. I have no complications other than the date.


This is a very simple and elegant face. It’s just the time with a moving seconds hand in orange. You can customize the color of the watch face. I use either white or black. I don’t use any complications on this face.

Numerals Duo

This has become one of my favorite faces. It’s just the Hour on top of the Minutes in large font. You can customize with different colors and the font can be filled with color or just outlined. There are no complications you can use on this face.


This face is simple and stylish. Shows the hour and minute hands with a moving seconds hand which you can change color. You can change the color of the face, but I only use black or white. I don’t use any complications on this face.


This is another great face. You can have the digits around the face in numbers, or Roman numerals or both (half/half). I use either the black, white or blue face only. The only complication (other than the date) I use on this face is my activity rings icon.

Numerals Mono

This face is pretty cool. It shows the time with hour and minute hands with a moving orange seconds hand. It also shows the hour in Roman numeral that takes over the whole face. You can also change the color of that Roman numeral. The best hour that shows is the 10th hour. The big “X” just looks really cool on it. I use no complications on this face.

A Face only a mother can love

This may seem like a lot of faces, but there are so many more. In fact, you have even more face options if you buy a different type of Apple Watch. If you buy the Nike version, you have some face options that exist only on that watch. Same goes for the Hermes and Edition version of the watch.

I try to keep things simple and the examples above are the only faces I use. I also change the colors and styles based on how I’m dressing. I also have over 10 watch bands that I use to try to match the face and shirt that I am wearing. It really is a matter of style.

Facing the future

I would love to see more Apple Watch faces to compliment my style. In fact, I would love it if Apple would allow third-party watch faces so that developers can create their own faces and sell them. Can you imagine Adidas, Under Armour, Nike, Supreme or your favorite brand creating their own faces? This would be fantastic.