Today, Twitter reminded me that it was my 11th year anniversary (twitterversary?) It’s incredible that I have been active and present in this social network for so long. I didn’t even think they would survive this long, yet, here we are!

For context, here’s my first tweet ever:

My first ever tweet

Look, I was still trying to figure out what this service was all about, so cut me some slack. It’s hard to imagine that the most important thing I wanted to share in the world of twitter was how I saved a lot of money by switching to Geico bringing my own lunch 🤷🏽‍♂️.

What’s in a Tweet?

As of today I have sent a total of 63,600+ tweets.

I wonder how many of those are financial tips on saving money? 😅

The Fun Days

There was a time when Twitter was a lot of fun. People shared ideas, art, writing and retweeted each other while making connections around the globe. It was during those times that I really began to understand the social component of the network. In the early 2010’s it quickly became my favorite social network.

As a result, some of my Twitter connections have become close friends, even today. I have drank coffee, shared a meal, gone on vacations and even visited homes of some of these connections. I’m so thankful for them.

The Hard Times

Things began to change around election time — when Donald Trump was running for president. A handful of my connections became so obsessed with this character that it possessed them. Some of the true colors of some came through loud and clear. It was no longer safe to disagree with people.

Following his election as President of this nation, you started to see an increase of racist bigots who were very vocal on Twitter. A place that was once a great place to share opinions and ideas became the platform of hate.

I considered canceling my account a few times, but I kept at it hoping for change. I unfollowed some people who became toxic in our relationships and modified my timeline to mute, block and ignore the bad apples in the farm.

Today, Twitter is a lot bigger than in 2009, and though there are still a lot of people full of hate, there are still people I enjoy connecting with that keeps me active.

Now, I use Twitter much differently than before. I use it more for information on the following topics:

  1. Cycling in NYC
  2. Art (writing, photography, drawing)
  3. Tech
  4. Sports
  5. Tech support

I am still pretty active with those connections who have become friends. We share jokes, advice, ask questions and much more which gives me a glimpse of those good old days.

Do I have 11 more?

After 11 years, Twitter has changed tremendously. I’m not sure that I still have 11 years left to give to it, but for now, I’m OK using it as I see fit. Maybe I’ll still be around long enough to see it transform into a better social network. Worse case scenario, we will see it transform into another Facebook nightmare. I hope it’s the former!

Oh, and if you care to connect with me via Twitter, hit that follow button!