As of this writing, 2019 is almost a wrap, and it’s the perfect time to look back on my accomplishments on the bike.

I had a goal of cycling 3,000 miles this year, and though this was a good year for cycling, I came up a bit short. There were some great moments and some hard moments, but pedals were pushed.

Strava, my cycling app of choice, does a good job of creating a personalized recap of my year and this is what it looked like for 2019:

Days Active: 114 Days

I want to spend as many days on the bike as I can. This is easy to do from April to October, but Winter days and rainy days become obstacles. I still found 114 days out of the year to get on the bike and get some workouts in. Not bad!

Total Time: 197 Hours

Before I started focusing on being healthy, I would be lucky to get 10 hours of fitness a year. This is why looking at this number, I smile. I can spend 197 hours in anything that is not healthy, but having put this much time on the bike, brings me joy.

Total Distance: 2,518 Miles

482 miles short of my goal! Not happy about that and I’m wondering what I could have done better to have reached my goal. There were some rainy days, and December was a total no show, so I could have gotten a few rides this month. Holidays, snow and cold weather got the best of me!

Total Elevation: 96,968 Feet

As much as I love cycling, I don’t love a big and long hill. That said, I was surprised that I climbed this much this year. According to Strava, this is the equivalent of cycling 3.3 Mt Everests. My longest climb in one ride was during the Discover Hudson Valley Ride, which was a century ride with 6,164 feet of elevation. That was tough!

I love these numbers. Could they have been better? Of course, and I always want to improve. In order to do this, we have to look back a few years and see how that compares.

In comparison to the last few years, I have made significant progress in miles cycled. Here’s what that looks like compared to the last 3 years:

2019 was my best year on the bike compared to the last 2 years. 2016 wasn’t worth comparing as that was my rookie year and I was just trying to get used to cycling.

Now that 2019 is almost a wrap, I will continue to reach for the 3,000 mile goal in 2020. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get more rides in and the weather will cooperate, giving me an opportunity to spend more time on the bike. Let’s get it!