Dining to survive

One of the great benefits of living in Queens, the most diverse borough in NYC (and possibly the country), is the many places you can enjoy diverse food. Within a 5 mile parameter in my neighborhood, I can get any of the following: Chinese Mexican Dominican Colombian Peruvian Thai Italian Greek Japanese Korean Salvadorian Venezuelan […]

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Good Bye, Winter!

It’s officially the month of March and that can only mean one thing: Winter cycling is officially over! That’s right, the days of snow, freezing rain and frigid temperatures are behind us. Coming soon are flowers booming, leaves growing on trees and more importantly, nicer weather to ride the bike. Technically, it’s still winter, as […]

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About Face!

I’ve had an Apple Watch since it launched in 2015. Apple’s first attempt at a smart watch was OK at best and though it wasn’t perfect, it set a path for the future of smart watches. I eventually upgraded to Generation 3 and a year later to my current version, the 4th generation Apple Watch. […]

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